A quick and easy place to find all of your wants and needs from Sisters Meat and Smokehouse. Welcome to Sisters Meat and Smokehouse - Redmond's online shopping. We hope you enjoy browsing our products if you are new or re-ordering the items you can't live without if you are a returning customer.

All orders with perishable items such as jerky, bacon, steak, etc. are shipped out Monday - Wednesday's only. This is to ensure our product arrives to you in the next business day. Once you receive your order please refrigerate and/or freeze immediately.

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Specialty Meat Market and Smokehouse

We are a small family run business eager to serve not only our community but to grow our brand. At Sisters Meat and Smokehouse - Redmond we are proud to have curated a wide variety of specialty products. Make sure to visit us at the shop and check us out online!

  • Gift Cards

    Do you have a birthday, anniversary, or special occasional coming up? Our gift cards make a great present for anyone!

  • Fresh Cuts

    Do you need fresh meat shipped to you? Don't look any further, check out our selection of fresh cuts that can be shipped frozen directly to your door.

  • Charcuterie! Charcuterie!

    We are excited to offer an artisanal selection of items perfect for your charcuterie needs.

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