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Fresh Pork Cuts

Fresh Pork Cuts

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Our pork is sourced from Iowa, USA Born and Raised. Duroc breed, premium quality pork that is fed a 100% vegetarian diet, no added growth hormones, and no ractopamine. 

Each pork cut is sold in 1 pound increments. This means Boneless Pork Chops will come in sets of two and Bone-In pork will be by the single. Therefore, if you want two Bone-In Chops, you must increase the quantity to two (2). If you would like Pork Shoulder, it will come in 4 lb increments so please select accordingly. 

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions while placing your order. 

Please leave any questions, comments, concerns or special instructions in the notes when you check out.


For more information about our beef, check out our website at

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